Deepgram is an artificial intelligence (AI) company that specializes in automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology. Their focus is on providing scalable and accurate speech recognition solutions for various industries and use cases.

Deepgram offers an ASR platform that utilizes deep learning algorithms to convert spoken language into written text. Their technology can be used for tasks such as transcription, voice analytics, voice assistants, call center automation, and more. Deepgram’s ASR system is trained on large amounts of data to achieve high accuracy and can handle different languages and accents.

One notable aspect of Deepgram’s approach is their emphasis on privacy and security. They offer on-premises deployment options and do not store customer data on their servers, ensuring data confidentiality and compliance with privacy regulations.

Additionally, Deepgram provides tools and features to enhance the ASR process, including speaker diarization, punctuation insertion, keyword spotting, and custom vocabulary support. These features allow users to tailor the speech recognition system to their specific needs and improve the accuracy of transcriptions.

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