Coqui is an open-source project that focuses on developing and providing tools and resources for automatic speech recognition (ASR). The Coqui project aims to democratize access to speech technology by offering free and open-source ASR models, datasets, and training pipelines.

The project originated with the development of the Coqui TTS (Text-to-Speech) model, which allows users to convert written text into synthesized speech. Coqui TTS provides an open-source alternative for generating natural-sounding speech and offers pre-trained models in multiple languages.

Building upon the success of Coqui TTS, the Coqui project expanded to include the development of Coqui ASR. Coqui ASR provides open-source models and tools for speech recognition, enabling users to convert spoken language into written text. The project aims to make ASR technology accessible to developers and researchers and supports various languages and use cases.

Coqui’s open-source approach allows developers to contribute to the project, customize the models, and adapt them to their specific needs. The project provides resources and documentation to help users get started with building their own speech recognition systems using Coqui ASR or integrating Coqui TTS into their applications.

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