Alli AI is an AI-powered SEO tool that aims to simplify the management of on-page SEO for websites. Here are the key features you mentioned:

  1. Site-wide on-page SEO: Alli AI allows you to optimize your website’s on-page SEO across multiple pages or even at the single-page level. This feature enables you to set up optimization rules that can be applied to your entire site.
  2. Live editor: The tool likely provides a live editor where you can make changes to your page titles, meta descriptions, and other content elements in real-time. This allows you to preview and fine-tune the changes before implementing them.
  3. Bulk-generation of page titles, meta descriptions, and other content changes: Alli AI appears to offer the functionality to generate page titles, meta descriptions, and make other content changes in bulk. This feature can save time and effort by automating the process of optimizing multiple pages at once.

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